Spoken English/ Communicative / Business English Course

“Congratulations!  You have taken the first step in learning practical, Conversational English you can use in daily Conversation”


NAM INSTITUTE offers you a full-fledged coaching in spoken English and Business English.

Excellent training is imparted to students to communicate clearly so that vagueness and ambiguity could be avoided in business correspondence. Merchants and entrepreneurs find it highly helpful. Personal guidance is extended to those who are weak in English language.

Formal education is often inadequate to meet the modern language requirements. Teachers, Journalists, marketing executives and other professionals benefit highly from our communicative English widen their scope. Special stress is given on British, Australian and American English.

Our Spoken English Course is designed to improve the fluency of High school Students, ITI Students, Diploma Holders, Insurance agents, House wives and similar many others. Simplified Grammar with basic vocabulary focusing on conversational skills is practiced to perfection. Morning to Evening classes will be scheduled according to the students' convenience. We have classes 7.30 A.M. to 7.30 P.M. and the duration of the class is from 30 - 90 days. Students can attend classes on different schedule.

  • From This course, you will:
    1. Increase your confidence in speaking English.
    2. Conversing within social situations.
    3. Organizing social events, invitations and parties.
    4. Formal and informal language.
    5. Work- Language within the workplace.
    6. Using the telephone and phone manners.
    7. Meeting and Presentations.
    8. Phrases and Idioms.
    9. Reported Speech
    10. Giving Directions.
    11. Open Discussions and Reviews.
    12. Debates and Expressing opinions.
    1. Speak English with greater confidence, Comfort and ability.
    2. Recognize and use different Conversational Devices.
    3. Use Fictional language in a variety of Contexts.
    Don't Delay your Dream. Start Learning Spoken English now in a Professional Environment that will accelerate your learning. For Details of pricing and upcoming course dates, take the first step by completing the form On the side- You are guaranteed a reply within 24 hours.



For Beginners who have little or no understanding of English language and face difficulties even in creating small sentences in English.

  • Grammar
    (1) Nouns
    (2) Pronouns
    (3) Adjectives
    (4) Verb Forms
    (5) Adverbs
    (6) Tenses
    (7) Prepositions
    (8) Modals
    (9) Conjunctions
    (10) Articles
    (11) Subject-verb agreement
  • Vocabulary of daily use
  • Formal conversations
  • Written communication
  • Conversational English
    (1) Role plays
    (2) GD
    (3) Extempore
    (4) Debate
    (5) Presentation
  • Personality development.


For people who understand English to an extent but cannot converse in English fluently and are hesitant in speaking English.

  • English Grammar
    Verb Forms
    Subject-verb agreement
  • Vocabulary of daily use
  • Formal conversations
  • Written communication
  • Conversational English
    Role plays
    Interview skills
    Presentation skills
    Email Etiquettes
    Tongue Twisters
    Rapid Fire
  • Body Language & Personality development.
    The INTENSIVE ENGLISH CLASSES At NAM INSTITUTE Of PROFESSIONAL STUDIES are designed to help you with the four core skills to help you learn English as a Second language: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. You will also learn the supporting vocabulary and grammar to build on this at higher levels. All classes are led by native English instructors who are very experienced in helping English learners, like yourself, achieve results. They provide the motivation as well as the skills and knowledge to ensure your time spent wisely. You can start a course from the beginner level i.e. A1 and move all the way to the advanced class i.e. C2. The helpful and interactive course work is designed to challenge you at each stage to make sure you learn something new in every class. The course work is also designed with practical real life content examples so you can start using your new knowledge right away. benefits The
    Experienced and Professional native English instructors to motivate and guide you.
    Communicate with confidence.
    Improve your Spoken English Fluency.
    Improve your Vocabulary and Pronunciation and Grammar.
    Improve your Social Connections and Professional Reach.
    If you are having problems communicating with potential employers, clients or colleagues, our Business English Course in NAM INSTITUTE is what you are looking for.
    In today's international business environment it is essential that you have good English skills. If you are looking for a job at that moment. NAM INSTITUTE's BUSINESS ENGLISH COURSE can help you boost your CV and give you an edge over the competition. If you are already in a career, you will find that our Business English Course will help you in your daily Business dealings, opening doors to new career possibilities.
    Your success in your professional or business life depends a great deal on your ability to communicate. By providing you the ability to convey your thoughts and ideas in a more effective way. The BUSINESS ENGLISH COURSE will help you advance in your career. This is a 40 course at various levels. If you are looking for a customized program and private training, we can help arrange this as well.
  • The BUSINESS ENGLISH COURSE will help you improve your
    Presentation skills
    Negotiation skills
    Participation in meetings and discussions
    Interview skills
    Small Talk and business Conversation.
    If you would like to have this course customized for your specific needs, please contact us now for the same.
    This 40 hours module is priced at …………………………………
    The objective of this course is to help university students improve their writing abilities and to ensure their English writing skills do not let them down when preparing assignments, essays, coursework, dissertations, theses, etc. Throughout the course students will be given various opportunities to produce essays and assignments, both short and long, to strengthen their writing skills whilst maintaining a focus on grammar and vocabulary.
    This course is especially useful for MBA and post-graduate students. Final year undergraduate students will also benefit in harnessing their competencies in analytical writing. By the end of this course, students will be able to compose essays that compare and contrast, define and explain processes and argue points, as well as write detailed cause and effect analyses.
    To be able to write well-organized essays using accurate language and grammar.
    Improve skills related to specific needs of your readers.
    To appreciate the importance of proof-reading your work and checking for Accuracy.
    Learning referencing techniques to ensure all sources are appropriately quoted.
    1) Review writing processes and the structure of an essay.
    2) Idea generation techniques and resources.
    3) Overview of grammar.
    4) Translating your ideas into paragraphs and linking your photographs.
    5) Dividing your writing into three parts of an essay – Introduction, body and conclusion.
    6) Creating an outline of an essay.
    7) Writing your essay
           a)Compare and contrast
           b)Outlining a process.
           d)Cause and Effect.
           e)Presenting Arguments.
    8) Citing the references and sources include in your essay.
    9) Proof reading your work and checking for errors.
    This course can be run as a private program for 1 to 4 students. For details of Pricing, take the first step by completing the form.