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Graduate Record Examination

GRE which is also known as Graduate Record Examination is an admission test which is based on the language skills and analytical skills. Ours is a well defined course taking care of each and every feature of a curriculum. We are proud to say that we are among the top GRE institutes in Delhi .

There are two kind of GRE test

    GRE GENERAL TEST IS OPEN FOR ALL THE CANDIDATES IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR AGE OR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND generally taken by graduate students which helps students to measure Verbal section, Quantitative section, Analytical writing section, Issue task, Argument task, Experimental section. Content included:
    Analytic Writing2 essays, 30 minutes each The writing section of the GRE is meant to measure your analytical reasoning, organization, and analysis skills. The two essays include an issue essay and an argument essay. There are no right or wrong answers to the essay questions, and the essays will be read and scored by 2 (and possibly 3) readers.
    Break10 minutes
    Verbal ReasoningTwo sections each with 20 questions, 30 minutes for each section Each section includes a mix of reading comprehension question, text completion, and sentence equivalence questions. Reading comprehension questions are either single answer, multiple answers, or select in passage, while text completion questions will have either one, two, or three blanks.
    Quantitative ReasoningTwo sections each with 20 questions, 35 minutes for each section Each quantitative reasoning section (also common called the "Math GRE sections") contains a mix of multiple choice, quantitative analysis, and user input questions.
    Unscored Section*An experimental section that will either be a math or a verbal section may also be included in the exam. You will know if you were given a math or verbal experimental section because you will have two of those sections during the test, but you won't know which of two identical sections will be experimental. The experimental section does not count toward your score, and is used by ETS (Educational Testing System) to try out new questions for possible use in future exams.

    GRE Scores

    For the quantitative and verbal reasoning assessments of the GRE revised General test, the scores range from 130 to 170 points. For the analytic writing section, scores range from 0.0 to 6.0, in half-point increments. There are two verbal and two math sections on the GRE General test. The first of both sections is not computer adaptive, but the difficulty of questions that you'll be given for the second section is dependent on how well you did on the first section. The essay section of the GRE is composed on the computer, but both writing tasks are graded by trained readers.

    The GRE subject test evaluates a candidate's knowledge in a particular field of study. The Subject Test is meant for candidates who have extensive background in one of these seven disciplines.
    1Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology
    4Literature in English