Master of Computer Applications

MCA stands MASTER of COMPUTER APPLICATIONS. It is a post graduation information technology course. The duration of the course is 3 years which is divided into no. of semesters which are generally 6 in no. Generally the first year course is aimed at skills development in computers using various technologies, the second year is more focused providing a conceptual framework & third year provides the specialization and project work. MCA is a computer science degree whose curriculum is primarily based on development of application software in diverse area.


  • Semester-1:
    1. Computer Organization & Assembly language programming
    2. Programming and problem solving using C
    3. Mathematical foundation of Computer Science
    4. Information Technology
    5. English language Communication Skills
  • Semester-2
    1. Data and File structure
    2. System Programming
    3. Internet Concepts & Web Design
    4. Financial Management & Accountancy
    5. Software Engineering
  • Semester-3
    1. Object Oriented Programming in C++
    2. Relational Database management System (SQL Programming using Oracle)
    3. Computer Graphics
    4. Computer Oriented Optimization Techniques
    5. Operating System
  • Semester-4
    1. Internet and Java Programming with GUI
    2. NET Technologies
    3. Artificial Intelligence
    4. Computer Networks
    5. Mobile Communications
  • Semester-5
    1. Principles of compiler Design
    2. Information Security & E-Commerce
    3. Object Oriented Modeling and Design using UML
    4. Client service Architecture & Interfaces
    5. Data Warehousing & Data Mining
  • Semester-6
    Project Work

    Coaching Duration : 3 Months
    NAM Institute Branches: New Delhi (South Ex-1),Sec-14 Gurgaon & Sec-15 NOIDA
    Tutorial Fees: 7,000 / subject